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We make it easy to support teachers.

At Alpaca, we’re on a mission to give parents easy ways to support their teachers. Subscribing to your school in five minutes or less? Sending every teacher in your school a care package? That’s what we mean by making it easy.

We promise to listen to teachers.

We know that teachers spend $750/year out of pocket for supplies. When teachers don't feel supported, we risk losing them – and that’s not good for anyone. When new schools sign up, we ask every teacher what they really need and want, and work to deliver that each month.

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We believe in elevating all educators.

Alpaca makes sure that every teacher in the school gets a pack, every month. Plus, every pack delivers $2 of goods for every $1 of subscription. You can rest easy knowing that your dollars go far and support an equitable solution for every teacher.

We’re thank-you note people.

We believe that teaching is a profession that deserves our respect. That’s why our packs are thoughtfully designed by real teachers, and our team takes the time to include handwritten thank you notes and personal touches.

We want to bring out the best in every parent and teacher.

Our goal is to connect parents and teachers in new ways. We do that through our packs, of course! But we also communicate to parents and teachers to show them what teachers are getting, how they’re doing, and how to support underserved schools in our communities.

This is the beginning of Alpaca’s story.

Will a simple pack of supplies solve all of the challenges teachers face?  Maybe not. But can it engage a community of parents to provide a small monthly gesture that supports teacher satisfaction and well-being? We think so, and we hope you’ll join us.