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Thanks to our partners, every Alpaca subscription is matched dollar for dollar for the schools who need Alpaca the most.

school supplies and thank you note

When parents and community members join forces, we can make a big difference for teachers.

Alpaca for All is a fund that allows underserved schools the opportunity to participate in Alpaca and bring needed supplies and teacher appreciation to every single teacher in the school.

The fund is supported by local businesses and foundations to match every Alpaca subscription, one-for-one. With our partners, we select schools locally to receive Alpaca packs for their teachers every month.

Your contribution does double duty.

When you subscribe to Alpaca for their school, your teachers get an amazing selection of gear, goodies, and gratitude every month. Now with our one-for-one match, Alpaca for All sends the same pack of high quality supplies to underserved schools. You can feel awesome knowing that you took care of teachers who need it the most.

Become an Alpaca for All partner.

Businesses and foundations who want to support schools in need can contribute to our Alpaca for All fund, and either select the schools they want to support, or let Alpaca send supplies to schools who need it. Your contribution will stay in your local community, always.

Together, we can support the teachers who need it the most.

Teachers spend up to $1,200 a year on supplies for their classrooms, and in schools in underserved communities, that expense can be even higher. Supporting your school supports all schools. Let’s do this, together.