Holiday teacher gifts,

Skip the coffee mugs and apple ornaments – give the gift your teacher will love, delivered to you in time for winter break. 

Buy our limited edition Holiday Gift Pack today and receive 20% off your order. 



We know what’s on your teacher’s wish list

We asked 1000+ teachers what makes them feel supported. Then we created a gift that hits your teachers’ top wishes. Teachers love gifts that:

Fulfill a favorite

The stuff teachers love and use every day, like good pens and notebooks

Organize a classroom

Bins & baskets, tubs & totes, magnets and masking tape. This stuff goes a long way!

Surprise & delight

The stuff teachers love and use every day, like good pens and notebooks

Make teaching fun

Classroom games, craft supplies, and of course…stickers! New ideas to freshen up lessons and delight students.

Easy to personalize, ready to give.

Your gift pack comes wrapped and ready to give, with easy ways to make it your own!


Each pack comes with a card your kids can personalize. Teachers love that!


Add your card (plus any extra treats if you’d like!) so your gift is uniquely yours.


 Back-pack ready (and durable!) so your kid can deliver it right to their teacher.

A gift as unique as your teacher.

Each gift pack hits all the top things teachers want, but no two packs are the same. And we promise, if they get more than one, they won’t be sad about it!


What’s in the pack? 

Every pack comes with five items (valued at $45+), plus a card and envelope, ready for your personal message. Each pack is a little different and combines practical teacher requests with delightful surprises! 

When will it get here? 

All orders placed before December 3 will arrive by December 15, 2022, so your pack gets to you before your holiday break.

(Need something special? Drop us a line!)

Can I add something extra to my gift? 

Yes! Your gift comes with space to add a gift card, small item, or a drawing from your kid! Plus, the included card lets you personalize your gift and make it truly special for your teacher.

What if my teacher gets more than one?

We thought of that! Every pack contains the same value, but each is distinct and special! Plus, we made sure that every item in the pack is something teachers say they “always need,” so if they get more than one, we promise, they won’t be mad! (Plus, it’s not another coffee mug!)

My teacher already gets Alpaca at school. Is this the same?

Nope! This is a totally different gift pack, designed to be from your family, for your teacher. None of the items in it overlap with the supplies your teacher is getting in their Alpaca packs at school.

Can I buy this for our whole school or a group of teachers?

Yes! We offer bulk pricing for larger orders, and we can ship it to your school. Send us an inquiry at and we’ll help you out!

Which teachers is this best for?

Our gift pack is great for teachers of all grades. We designed the pack to focus more on the teacher, and less on the exact grade or subject they teach. If they don’t love it, we’ll refund your money, 100%.

Where do you ship?

We’ll ship your gift to anywhere in the United States.