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Okay, not a REAL alpaca. Around the 10th of each month, your school will get a pack of supplies. Get excited!

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Every month, we’ll send an email with the supplies your school received, and how to support teachers best at your school.

Brighten a teacher’s day!

When your school gets Alpaca, your teachers receive a monthly care package of the stuff they need and want the most, including:


Needed supplies that teachers often pay for out of pocket.


Great new brands to create fun and engaging classrooms.


Handwritten thank you notes in every pack!

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Join the growing community of parents, school groups, and districts who want to invest in educators.

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Invest in Teachers

Teachers expand minds, open hearts, and pretend not to hear a million poop jokes. Downright heroic.
But every superhero needs a sidekick. We believe no teacher should pay out of pocket for supplies, that every teacher deserves support and encouragement, and that parents need an easy, effective way to deliver it.

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See why people love Alpaca

Parents love the easy subscription. Principals love to see every teacher supported. And teachers love the supplies that arrive each month. Win-Win-Win!

From Parents

“Every month when this shows up on my statement, I remember that I’m doing something really valuable, so it doesn’t feel mindless to me. It feels like something that’s really impactful.” 

Rachel Cole
Parent at Washington Elementary School
From Parents

“It’s just really nice to have something that us as parents can do that reminds teachers that their work is appreciated and valued. Alpaca is the easiest (and best) way to check off Teacher Appreciation every month and Western Hills teachers LOVE them! Win win!”

Denise Powell
Parent at Western Hills Magnet Elementary School
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Teachers 💛 Alpaca

We hear from teachers every month how much the packs mean to them, and how supported they feel by their districts and community. Don’t take our word for it - see for yourself!

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