An effortless way to delight and care for your teachers.

Great leaders know – consistency is the key to positive school culture!

Alpaca’s monthly packs offer you a new way to celebrate your teachers each month – no planning, shopping, or assembly required.

Celebrate your teachers in thoughtful, personal ways.

Alpaca surveys help you unlock ideas and gifts to make teachers and team members feel personally rewarded and appreciated.

Pair your packs with purpose.

Every Alpaca gift comes with little tips and resources to help your teachers build a positive school culture. So it’s not just another coffee cup!

Research-backed teacher appreciation?! Absolutely.

Alpaca’s gifts feel like a celebration, but are backed by true drivers of teacher wellbeing and retention.

Make teacher wellbeing part of your strategic plan.

Engaged, satisfied teachers create more positive classrooms and stronger school culture. Alpaca is part of teacher wellbeing, teacher mental health, school improvement, educator absenteeism, and teacher retention initiatives in 70+ districts across the country.

Alpaca Packs check all the boxes for schools and districts all over the country. 

Aligned to your teachers’ survey results!
Created by real teachers
Packed with supplies and brands teachers love
Curated for every grade level
Based on research on teacher wellbeing
Available for any role at school
Personalized with a handwritten thank you notes
Shipped straight to school and ready to delight
Incentivizes survey participation
30,000+ packs delivered to teacher delight!


What’s in an Alpaca pack?

Our teacher-designed packs are the perfect combination of useful supplies, thoughtful gifts, and heartfelt appreciation. Every pack includes:

First Impressions

We start with a soft pack, brightly designed with encouraging messages for your teams

Supportive Supplies

Helpful products for teachers from one of our partner brands. Truly useful for the classroom, always the highest quality.

Food &  Wellness

Snacks, treats, beverages, or wellbeing items. These are the top brands of items most loved by your teachers!

First Impressions

Educator resources, such as our goal-setting guide or classroom icebreakers make each pack even more valuable!

How many packs do I need?

We recommend at least one pack for every teacher, sometime during the school year! Most schools order 5-10 packs per month throughout the school year, to use as part of a monthly recognition program or a fun new reward! Some schools provide Alpaca’s gifts to their full staff 3-5 times per year. 

How do we decide who gets the packs?

Alpaca has awesome ideas for you! Have teachers nominate their peers to receive a pack, raffle them off as part of a school initiative, or use them to celebrate the unsung heroes at your school! Our celebration experts are here to help! 

How much do packs cost?

Alpaca’s unique gifts deliver a beautiful gift at a price built just for schools, thanks to our brand partners. Packs range from $20 - $30 each, based on your level of participation. 

How do I pay for Alpaca?

Schools and districts put Title II, teacher retention, and teacher mental health funds to work with Alpaca. Some school leaders purchase Alpaca in partnership with their school foundations, parent groups, and school fundraising dollars too. Need ideas? We’re here to help.