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OPS school psychologist empowers staff and students

Karen Borchert
November 13, 2023

Story courtesy of Omaha Public Schools

Written by Courtney Turner, Omaha Public Schools Communications Specialist

As a school psychologist, Jessica Riley provides staff with support to help students achieve academic success. She provides strategies to improve classroom productivity and identify students’ needs.

At North High and Minne Lusa Elementary, Riley consults with team members and families to identify when a student needs additional resources. She evaluates what the specific needs are and collaborates with staff to provide students with the appropriate tools.

“We are all working together with the same goal of helping our students be successful,” said Riley. “I love that I get to support teachers.”

Riley approaches each day with a positive mindset to empower students and staff. From goal setting to making plans for their future, she gives students the resources they need to succeed. She provides students like Angeles with volunteer opportunities such as managing North High’s concessions. Students are recognized for positive behaviors and receive a token to redeem a concession.

“I like picking out the items for the concessions,” said Angeles. “And I like being around Ms. Riley. She’s always very happy and kind.”

National School Psychology Week is Nov. 6 – 10. It’s a great opportunity for Omaha Public Schools to spotlight the impact of school psychologists like Riley. Our district is thankful for their dedication to our students and staff.

“I’m honored to work with such amazing people at Omaha Public Schools,” said Riley. “They're here for the right reasons, to make a difference.”

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