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Thank your teacher with a video, thanks to our NEW partnership with Vidday!

Karen Borchert
August 24, 2023

When companies who are working for positive impact come together, it’s amazing what can happen. We’re so excited to tell you about Alpaca’s new partnership with Vidday - an absolutely delightful video platform that’s here to spread positivity in the world. (Us: “SAME!”)

We are thrilled to get to offer these videos for FREE and spread some love to your teachers! Make your own today!

A few months ago, a friend sent me a link to help make a video through Vidday for our friend. I LOVED how easy it was to contribute a quick video message from my phone and then they sent it as a beautiful compiled video to our friend. She was going through medical treatments, and she treasured the messages from friends across the world. My first thought was: “we have to figure out how to use this at Alpaca.”

When I dug a little deeper I found how aligned our companies are. Their mission is “make a billion people smile” and they want it to be fast and easy to say thank you, send love,  or create meaningful connections. Fast forward a few weeks, and we’re SO proud to announce a partnership with Vidday to thank your teachers with a FREE, beautiful video message. 

You can make a single message for your teacher, or you can get all of your school’s or class’s families to participate! Our partnership with Vidday makes it FREE for parents, PTOs, or even principals to make a video to say thanks to teachers for an amazing year. 

We hope you’ll try it today – let’s show those teachers some love!

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