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What’s in the Pack

What's in the Pack: December

Lauren Muller
December 26, 2023

We love learning about teachers' FAVORITE things, and we love sharing them with you. This month’s pack is all about discovering new favorites among the beloved supplies and best brands Alpaca educators adore! We hope you find a new favorite with this pack!

A crowd favorite that we hear about from Alpaca educators time and time again are Crayola’s Take Note Dry Erase Markers. Their ink level indicator takes out the guesswork of when it’s time to restock–so you never run out of ink in the middle of a lesson!

At this point in the school year, you’ve probably found that all your pens have seemed to magically disappear- we’ve got you covered! We included an 8 pack of Paper Mate InkJoy pens, as well as a colorful lined notepad from Post-It, so you’ll be prepped and ready to head into the new semester with a fresh set of stationery!

We’ve added Hot Hands hand warmers to combat those chilly winter recess duties or other outdoor obligations. Share them with your school’s front door security guards or bus staff!

Mini erasers are always a hit with students and we’ve included a pack to tuck away in the prize drawer or hand out in class!

To top off the pack, you’ll find a few chocolates to sweeten your day. We can’t wait to see your favorites from this pack in use! Share the pack on social media with the hashtag #HappyAlpacaDay and tag us! 

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