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What’s in the Pack

The Back to School Pack

Kimberly Bailey
August 29, 2023

It’s the best and busiest time of the year at Alpaca - back to school season! The back to school pack is the biggest pack of the year and we are thrilled to have so many new schools and districts on board to kick off the 2023-2024 school year! Knowing teachers need a solid set of essentials to start the year, we jam-packed the August pack full of gear and goodies to  make the first days back at school extra delightful! 

Starting off strong, all the pack contents are contained in an amazing canvas tote bag that reads ‘Happy Alpaca Day!’ Last year, we got to team up with a principal to distribute these packs. She exclaimed "Happy Alpaca Day!" over the school speaker before delivering these gifts from the community, and we loved it so much, we made it a part of the way we celebrate, too. Happy Alpaca Day! Yep, we’re obsessed, and can’t wait to see these totes out in the wild as teachers receive their packs! 

As you open this Mary Poppins bag (we told you this pack was huge!), you’ll find three mini packs: a snack pack, student incentive pack, and general office supply pack. Thanks to our friends at Clean Slate, the snack pack is full of healthy and nutritious snacks like pretzels, oatmeal bites, organic fruit rolls, and mini chocolate chip cookies to satisfy that sweet tooth! 

The student incentive pouch includes a variety of stickers that teachers can share with students, for example an entire roll of Squishmallow stickers! 👏 Yep, we understood the assignment. The third mini pack contains classroom essentials that teachers always need, like the best pencils in the world from Ticonderoga, a set of markers, and a brand new roll of strong, durable tape! 

To help keep classrooms organized and clean, we packed a set of cable clips for cord management and Clorox Wipes to help keep those germs at bay! To round it out, there’s a set of tried and true favorites from Crayola: a set of 4 XL Poster Markers and, the most sought-after supply, Take Note Dry-Erase Markers! Top it off with some crinkle and a hand-written thank you note, thousands of teachers will start the year off on the right foot! 

We can’t wait for all the Alpaca educators to receive their pack, and are looking forward to providing all the gear, goodies, and gratitude throughout the 2023-24 school year! It’s kind of our favorite thing.

Wishing the Alpaca community a happy back to school season and Happy Alpaca Day! 

Interested in getting these packs for your district or school this year? Get in touch!

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