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Icebreaker: This or That

Chocolate or vanilla? Be a wizard or a superhero? Have school year-round or with a summer break? Let's find out!

Looking for a quick icebreaker or student activity? Look no further! Our ready-to-go engaging and fun questions are perfect for sparking conversation. We've included questions designed to provide insight into your staff and their preferences at school, along with questions that your students will love to answer and discuss!

Created by:
Alissa Christensen

How it works


1. Divide the room in half and display the first slide to designate sides as "this" and "that"

2. Show (or read) the prompts, and participants (staff or students) will indicate their preference by moving to the corresponding side of the room.

3. Encourage participants to share their reasons for choosing their preference!

What's included

Printable signs to use during the activity, 30 prompts to use during a staff meeting that will provide insight into your staff and 30 prompts to use in the classroom with students!