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Announcing: Celebration Packs!

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What’s in the Pack

Take a peek inside: Alpaca Welcome Back Packs

Kaitlynn Kool
December 26, 2023

Holiday celebrations, winter break, year-end grades - we know the end of the year is crazy for administrators. Alpaca is here to help! We curated a set of Welcome Back Packs that are chock-full of helpful classroom supplies, delicious treats, and teacher care items, so your staff can start the new year on the right foot!

With two great options, we’ve got a complete solution to take care of both classroom teachers and support staff to help school leaders create an equitable celebration! Classroom supplies, organization, and rewards for your classroom teachers, and delightful care items for your support staff, our Welcome Back Packs have you covered!

Supplies & Delight Pack

Retail value: $48
Cost to you: $26 (if ordered by 12/13!)

Delight your classroom teachers and specialists with an awesome pack of supplies and everyday essentials from brands they know and love! The Supplies & Delight ack includes:

  •  school supply mini-pack (a pouch of three items like Post-Its, tape, scissors, glue, or sharpies) 
  • A sticker prize pack to use as student incentives
  • A pencil & marker pouch, with classroom tape or velcro dots to keep your space organized. 
  • A  snack pack so you can stay full and fueled throughout the day (we know those first few days back can be busy)! 
  • A fresh pack of Clorox wipes to help you maintain a clean, germ-free classroom.
  • And a set of twinkle lights to  brighten up your space!

All packed in a beautiful ‘Happy Alpaca Day’ canvas tote, your teachers will be set up for success when they come back in January!

Take Good Care Pack

Retail value: $24
Cost to you: $16 (if ordered by 12/13!)

Perfect for paras or your school’s front office staff, the Take Good Care pack includes:

  • Delightful care items like hand lotion or hot hands warmers 
  • Kleenex tissue for healthy days! 
  • A pack of coffee or tea, as well as a variety of snacks like Goldfish and Made Good Granola bites. 
  • A fresh notepad and pen, washi tape, and a Sharpie or marker pouch to replenish your office supply drawer! 

All of this, beautifully packed in a reusable pouch (designed by real teachers!), your support staff will be ready to start the year feeling recognized and celebrated!

And just like that – you’re ready to kick off the year with an awesome gift of teachers’ favorites!  Get our Welcome Back Packs at 20% off if you order by December 13th to deliver double the value at a lower cost to you. No assembly required, and guaranteed delivery by December 20th so you’re ready to welcome them back in January!

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